Down To Earth Dad Says Howdy

My youngest son, Alex, and me, in Seattle, Washington.  Yes, this picture was photo-shopped by the good people at the Space Needle!
My youngest son, Alex, and me in Seattle after taking the ferry from Bremerton (the highlight of our trip!) where he juggled to much applause at a Head Start staff training I conducted and helped me facilitate “Family Storytelling Night” for about 50 families.  Seattle in early March found us almost alone:  Few lines for tourist attractions, and he got to “drive” the monorail!

I’m Patrick Mitchell, known nationally as “The Down To Earth Dad” for my keynotes and trainings for educators and parents, and for The Down To Earth Dad Newsletter, now in its 13th year of circulation to dads and schools.

This blog will provide useful information for your parenting, and gives insights, observations, and resources for you to be the best parent (or educator) you can be.

Much of what you read here will be based on my numerous interviews with dads, experts, authors, and researchers for feature articles appearing in newsletter, on The Down To Earth Dad Radio Show, and conversations/interactions with literally thousands of fathers, educators, and practitioners at workshops, lectures, keynotes, and trainings I’ve conducted for over a decade.

If you’re a dad, I’ll help you be optimally involved in your child’s life; if you’re an educator or practitioner, I’ll give you tools to get men more meaningfully involved.  Stay tuned!

Patrick Mitchell,